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Getting Started

Getting Started

I recognize that the decision to pursue psychotherapy can be stressful for many people, and I try to make this process as comfortable and straight-forward as possible. People who contact me are at various stages of readiness to begin therapy, and I am committed to gently guiding my clients toward a place of relief from emotional distress and an enhanced sense of well-being.

I can be contacted by phone at 973 36317033. If it is more convenient, you may email me at: My practice is located in AMWAJ close to the “Dragon Hotel”. Parking is conveniently located next to the building.


You can expect that in the initial consultation, we will discuss what you believe is the general reason for seeking treatment, and we will identify beginning goals for your therapy. These goals represent a starting point to be revisited along the course of treatment. Initial goals do not need to reflect exactly how you expect to benefit from treatment. Some individuals have a difficult time in the first session putting into words what they hope to accomplish in therapy. Oftentimes, people gain a greater sense of their goals for treatment once they enter the flow of therapy and have a bit of time to think between sessions about the areas in which they struggle.

It is quite usual that in their first session an individual will report a feeling such as sadness or anxiety, and can identify the settings in which this feeling is experienced most often and with the greatest intensity. One can expect to be asked general questions about the pressing problem, recent events that may be contributing to emotional distress, aspects of one’s current support system, and any current or prior efforts for self-help. My goal is for you to leave the first session with a general understanding of my approach to treatment and a sense that we are collaborating to help you relieve the psychological discomfort you are experiencing.

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